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The Harmful Seven: The Good Ideas Ruining our Children

The Harmful Seven: The Good Ideas Ruining our Children

The enemy forces arrayed against our children

Wisdom has abandoned our entire education system and into the space vacated pour the disaffected to converge and repurpose it for their own ends. In this work we focus on one aspect of this process, and that is the use of primary schools as first base in promoting pupil political activism under the guise of social justice and the good global citizen. In particular, we examine the seven most harmful elements in the primary curriculum and the necessary role of female teachers in enabling it. The focus is Scotland, but the scope is the entire Western World.

The contents cover: 1. Tolerance 2. Anti-bullying 3. Charity 4. BBC Newsround 5. The Holocaust 6. Multi-culturalism 7. The UN. And also, The Misguided Eighth – Women Teachers.

At a gigantic financial cost, this agenda alienates our children from their cultural patrimony, and promises their moral and spiritual destruction. Failed education is the least of their problems!

Drawing on sixty years of direct personal experience as pupil, parent and schoolteacher, and freed from virtue signalling and manufactured outrage, this book examines the problem we face.

The A-Z of Educational Nonsense

The A-Z of Educational Nonsense: A true guide for parents and teachers

To the honest parents; be not amazed at the magic of the players, or the colourful banners they proclaim, but hark to the awful message hidden within.

The beginning of wisdom is to call a thing by its real name, this book is an attempt to do just that with the ideas and forces that are common currency within the Scottish primary school. Here we find a fever-dream of multicultural excellence creating a better world, but in fact delivering stress and confusion, waste and deception. Our schools are sick with nonsense and betrayal.

In tune with the absurd spirit of the times, this work catalogues the high level of lunacy combined with the low level of education. The intent is serious, for the subversive powers set against our children are powerful and deeply embedded, but the method employed is light-hearted and comic where possible.

Robert the Bruce: Scotland's King

Robert the Bruce: Scotland’s King

A biography of Scotland’s hero king.

Winning a kingdom was not a game for the faint-hearted or naïve.

When he played his hand in this game of thrones, Bruce played the game with an unmatched determination. Here we explore the tragedies and eventual triumph of this quest.

Like his contemporary, William Wallace, the story of his life is intimately connected to Scotland’s heart breaking struggle for national survival. However, the living man behind the legend is not forgotten in this tale. His journey from boy to hero king, from uncertainty to conviction, is brought to life by considering the cultural context and his family dynamics. Bruce’s character, that combination of iron hard fortitude balanced with decency, emerges from this treatment. As does Bruce’s reputation as a great king and one of history’s greatest heroes.

This is the companion volume to William Wallace: Scotland’s Hero by the same author.

Janet: A life in verse

Janet: A Life In Verse

Janet’s story told in prose and verse.

People mind her as youthful even long past her youth; a testimony to her lightness of heart and childish optimism, but she had plenty of that stuff, long in the forging, that had earned her nation fame over the wide world.

Set mainly in Sixties Glasgow, this story of child to woman is also a portrait of that optimistic age. The future would be better, unless you were unlucky.


Relentless: The Death March to Educational Excellence

Watching the never ending conveyor belt of educational nonsense.

Although bursting with good intentions and right-on ideas for fixing everything, our schools still disappoint our ambitions for them. Our leaders and managers invite themselves and their top-dollar cronies to sort things out. As the politicians, lawyers, consultants, web wizards, pressers of keyboards, council chiefs and their buck-passing entourage descend (remotely, of course) on the institution, irony shades to day-glo.

This work is a gold sticker response to that perfect storm of social, economic and technological trends that find a happy vortex in the primary classroom.

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